How to Hypnotize Your Boss: 6 Hypnotic Steps to Getting More Respect, Money, Power, and Even That Corner Office

In this guest post, Maxwell Terentino, a professional hypnotherapist in St. Albans, Vermont, provides mind-altering strategies through neuro-hypnotism to aid in improving your work conditions.

After 14 years of using hypnotherapy to help my clients with various types of anxieties, I learned that the root of many social anxiety issues was simply not having enough money.

You see, money can help an anxious person feel more secure because they have the flexibility to pay for whatever they need. Money is the antidote for anxiety and depression, not pills and hypnotherapy.

So I began training my clients on some groundbreaking methods to hypnotize their bosses into getting promotions, bonuses, and the money they’ve always wanted. And this method has been extremely successful in helping my clients achieve more wealth and respect they thought possible. They have also been very generous with me by sharing a % of their first year’s salary increase as agreed prior to teaching them this hypnotic method.

Here are 6 steps to put your boss into a highly-suggestive state:

Step 1: Build rapport with your boss.
The first step in hypnotism is make your boss feel comfortable with you. The goal is to make sure your boss is feeling relaxed, and not defensive. Tell him or her a few funny stories to get some laughs — and even give him or her a scented candle gift to aid in relaxation in the office.

Step 2: Begin talking in a deep, calming voice.
As you talk with your boss, begin adjusting your tone and tempo so that you you begin talking slowly and with deep voice. You want your boss to start to hang on your every word, and to feel very comfortable with the words you are saying.

Step 3: Tell your boss that you’d like to show some family photos.
There are a variety of ways to start a hypnotic trance, but I’ve found that using James Braid’s original eye-fixation hypnotic induction method works easiest. The goal is to get your boss to stare at a shiny object above their forehead to produce the greatest possible strain and encourage them to maintain a steady stare. Tell your boss that you want to show some recent family photos on your smart phone. Slowly wave the phone about 15 inches away from their eyes — and watch the pupils. Wait for the pupils to dilate and soon to close involuntarily. If your boss is having trouble focusing on the picture, you’re on the right path. Play some Yani music to aid in relaxation as you show different pictures.

Step 4: Use positive reinforcement while showing pictures.
As you talk about the pictures, mention how “relaxed” and “calm” you were with the family. Throw in some positive reinforcements like: “you’re doing a good job” and “you are totally relaxed and at peace right now.”

Step 5: Once trance begins, suggest the things you want.
Once your boss is in a trance, you can begin suggesting the things you need — and how getting more money, better position, and new office space, would bring more happiness. In fact, suggest that the more money you get, the happier and more joyful your boss will be. Suggest that your boss write an email to the whole company about how valuable you are to the team — and how each word of the memo will multiply the amount of happiness and pleasure your boss will feel. Suggest how much more money you want, the office you desire, and even that you need more time off to spend with family.

Step 6: Emerge your boss from hypnotism through counting.
Once you’ve suggested everything you want, tell your boss that at the count of 5 they will awake completely at peace and thrilled with your work performance. As you count, make your voice louder and louder so that at 5 you are talking in your normal voice (and are just finishing up a funny story about something that happened the previous weekend. Your boss will think he or she just dozed off, but will be feeling great about your work.

By following these 6 steps, you’ll begin acquiring everything you’ve ever wanted at your job.

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