What Mr. Peanut Can Teach You About Self Confidence

Mr. Peanut is a man’s man.

He has that self-confidence that every man wants.

When he walks into a room, people can’t help but notice him and tip their champagne glasses in his direction. His charming smile, elegant top hat, simple monocle, and fancy cane are — what Seth Godin calls –  remarkable.

Here’s what Mr. Peanut can teach you about gaining self-confidence and ultimate respect from any man, woman, or child:

Carry a Cane
Mr. Peanut knows that men with canes get respect. Think of all the pimps that carry canes. It’s a sign of power. It’s almost innate for humans to show humility and respect whenever we see wealthy people with a cane. At first, you might think Mr. Peanut has a handicap, but once you see him twirl around the dance floor, you’ll know it’s merely a sign of his upper-class refinement.  Canes provide the elegance and power that everyone wants, and you need to start using one.

Wear a Monocle
If you want to gain immediate respect, wear a monocle. Many distinguished gentleman have copied Mr. Peanut’s monocle with much success; including Astronomer Sir Patrick Moore, Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter (whose imprisonment led to Bob Dylan’s protest song The Hurricane), and even Batman’s nemesis The Penguin.

Always Smile.
You’ll never catch Mr. Peanut on a bad day. He always portrays pure happiness through his charming smile. He can show up at sold-out venues and get instant access because of his smile. In fact, he has never been told “no” by anyone. I mean, who could say “no” to that smile?

Wear Black Spandex Arm Sleeves
Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Allen Iverson love wearing spandex black sleeves just like Mr. Peanut. It’s a sign of power, agility, and confidence. Some say it also has a placebo effect of making an athlete feel like they are less likely to get injured. Mr. Peanut started this fashion trend by beginning to wear the spandex sleeves back in 1923, and it’s even more popular today with people who want to protect their arms from sun damage, too.

Wear White Gloves
If you want “the white glove treatment,” then you need to start wearing them yourselves. Simply wearing white gloves will tell people that you are immaculate, clean, and high class. Think of all the kings, popes, and celebrities that have worn gloves throughout the ages. It’s elegant, refined, and keeps them from touching the proletarians.

Wear a Black Top Hat
Nothing demands respect like a black top hat. You just don’t see many people wearing top hats these days except in weddings, which is a terrible shame. The top hat helps Mr. Peanut appear taller than he really is — and also makes him the center of attention in a crowd. If you really want to class-up your appearance, add a top hat no matter what the occassion.

Wear Black Spandex Tights
Runners, bicyclists, and other athletes like to wear spandex tights to prevent chafing — and that’s why Mr. Peanut started wearing them. Mr. Peanut enjoys running every morning, but kept chafing his thighs despite using vasoline. Well, it turns out the black spandex tights became an immediate hit in the fashion world — and you’ll find many people wearing leggings today or skin tight pants because Mr. Peanut led the way. Through his self-confidence to wear what he wanted, he led a fashion movement.

By following Mr. Peanut’s example, you can start gaining the self confidence and respect you deserve.

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